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digital consultancy

Sometimes on a project you don't want a site designed or built, you might not even want a site at all. What you do want is some sound advice and assistance with your project, and this is where I could be of use to you. My history as a senior developer means I have the experience to help you plan and/or develop a project to suit your needs, whether it be a website, promotion, seo/usability/accessibility analysis, social media, or something completely new.

web development

I have always had a strong resolve that a website should be built to the highest standards, catering for future development, end-user enjoyment, and client objectives. Therefore, when working on a project I try to keep things to the highest standard possible based on the tools and time available, these could be things such as: coding standards, UX, SEO, and design. My main development focus in recent years has been with Drupal CMS websites, but learning new tools and techniques is always great fun, and i'm a strong believer for using 'the best tool for the job'.

project architecture

The planning stage of new projects are a vital (and often overlooked) stage in the project development cycle, and so I will try to ensure that things are structured in a smooth yet accessible manner for all parties to use. This will include regular discussions with you, structured contracts to ease concern, agreed deadlines, and technical breakdowns of what will need to be built. This phase also allows us to scope in/out other pieces of work based on time/cost.

Whilst the above are my main key areas of work, if you want some design or something else done aswell, please do get in touch, I may be able to help, and if not, I can always work as a networking tool to find someone who may be of use to you.


Dan who?

Dan has been a digital enthusiast since he played 'Chuckie Egg' on his Dads spectrum in the 80s. Since then he has achieved a digital arts degree allowing him to creatively and technically work on several high profile corporate and charity projects. He also often works under his brand.

So, what do you do?

For 10 years I have been working in the web design/development industry on high-profile campaigns such as "Red Nose Day" and "Sport Relief", aswell as smaller sites such as "Most Famous Monkey" and more corporate direct marketing projects. My current role is as Senior Developer at Comic Relief, working on the development of new campaign sites.

My personal focus is on 3 key areas; Digital Consultancy, Web Development, and project architecture. My history of development has given me a strong knowledge and love for doing things right, and making sure a projects success is based around it's initial objectives. This sometimes means reassessing perceived objectives prior to build to ensure they are simple, measurable, and researched (eg. "raising donations by x%" is an objective, "adding an iPhone app because we don't have one" is not).

This work is mainly CMS development projects (Drupal/wordpress), and the related planning required to get these projects moving from an idea to a successful online presence that people want to shout about.

Why retrobadger?

This is an Avatar which has been with me for years (although sometimes interchangeable with 'retrodans'), and has evolved into a personal connatation about the world we live in, and how we can all work to improve it, no matter who (or what) we are. Whether this is charitable projects, or more community based social presence projects.

But, the initial birth of the name is a little less focussed. It starts with my upbringing in the west country (ever heard the saying 'that's the badger'?), when you move out of the country to a city university, certain linguistic characteristics are noticed, and that was one of them. Then the retro part is a little more fanciful in that I have always tried to look for the positives in most things, whether this is the dress-sense from the sixties, or a september camping holiday in wales.

Are you any good?

Whilst my portfolio isn't as large as I would like, this has largely been due to a fondness for my day job at Comic Relief, I have been working on meaningful charity projects now for several years, and a lot of my focus goes into that, aswell as helping others achieve what they want to in their own projects.

So, the websites have always succeeded, Comic Relief has always hit it's targets, and I have always earnt a nice post-campaign holiday.

How much do you charge?

If you want a quite, just drop me an e-mail with your plan using my contact form. I generally judge these things on a job-by-job basis, assessing based on project-size, risk, fun, aswell as the social good related to the client/project.

Do you have a downloadable CV?

There is also a resume page for those that still want to view one.

You talk a lot about good, what about all the corporate projects?

Okay, for one thing every developer has to start somewhere. There are skills to learn, and bills to pay. My time in Direct Marketing was a very eye opening time, and helped me to learn several techniques in developing sites which I have then taken with me as I progress in my career. A persons history is nothing to be ashamed of, so long as they learn from it. One thing that I try to do is to consider how much fun the project will be, aswell as what I will learn from it, and the social-good implications associated with it.


Due to spam, I have had to remove the contact form from this site.  If you would like to get in touch, please use the social links at the bottom of this page.  Ideally twitter is probably a good starting point @retrodans