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OBSU Jazz Logo

I was asked to design a logo for the oxford brookes jazz society. This was a free project I decided to undertake, it was a small thing, and I decided it was something I needed practice on aswell. I was handed a vague creative outline with the requirements (the text, and the requirement of a musical instrument. The first decision came from the instrument it needed to be a tall/long instrument that was synonomous with jazz music, in my mind this gave me two choices; saxophone or flute. I decided to go with the saxophone as it gave me the potential to have text/notes coming from the end without making the logo too long. The final logo, as you can see uses a basic serif font, and has a couple of larger notes in. I had several other designs that were presented to the client, a couple of which I have shown below, using more detail in the text/instrument and also more notes. Overall the client was happy with the results, and the final design was ultimately printed on a t-shirt to be worn by the various band members, and also placed onto headered paper for official documentation.
Sat 14th Apr 2007
Designer: Junior