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Retrobadger V4.0: Business Cards

Project Brief:

As part of my new approach to work is to big-up the networking and look at least a little more professional, I needed some business cards, so this is where the 3rd element of this project went.  They needed to be formal yet fun enough to give a sense of ease around work.  It must contain name/email/url/twitter, and it needed to be printed in a cost-effective manner.


As with the logo design, pinterest was my research tool of choice on this, and was invaluable as allowed me to look at other cards quickly, and store any I particularly liked for inspiration purposes.

The next step was deciding how many were needed, and a decision was made early on to make this a phased run in that I would only get 50 made on the first push, then I can see what they look like, and whether I was going to hand enough of them out to be worth it before making modifications and getting a phase 2 batch ordered.


So, I opened up illustrator, looked at the tools, and spoke to a couple of designer friends of mine from Comic Relief (Paul Turner and Jeff Addeh), they helped me with merging lines together, and creating what is the best quality files for my purpose.

I also did a quick search online for information to ensure my canvas was set up correctly for better quality prints, and that my dimensions were standardised.


I used moo for my cards this time, I have used them before, and was very happy with the results.  They have fancy versions as well (you can pay more for rounded corners ... ooooh) but I just went for the standard cards, and got ordering.

One thing I wasn’t aware of while designing was around bleed areas, and safe copy distances, so tweaking had to happen before ordering to ensure it all fitted in the space, and that I wasn’t going to end up with something sub par.

The result:

The cards arrived, and generally they came out really well.  There are a few thoughts now on whether linkedin should have been on there with twitter.  Also the font-size on the footer strapline looks quite small, so increasing it’s size may be something to look into too.

Mon 1st Apr 2013 to Thu 25th Apr 2013