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Retrobadger V4.0: Logo and Branding

Project Brief:

After initial work on the website rebuild was under why, the logo was briefed in (albeit through one side of my brain talking to another).  This logo was to be a long term decision, and should be useable on both online/print projects.


Whilst past work has been focussed on digital, this logo and branding needed to work on print as well.  Therefore an early decision was made to work with vector software, and as my skillset is in adobe, I opened up Illustrator as an application of choice.

Before cursor hit canvas I needed a concept and feeling to go forwards with, and as so, opened in pinterest boards for business cards as well as clean we design.  After having gone through loads, I decided a small color palette would be preferably, so long as the logo was bold enough in a single solid white.


Once I had settled on a color scheme largely based on natural colors (brown/green with maybe some blue), I could start to get to work.  My ultimate concepts came from using a moustache vector to outline the organisation name.  The reasoning of this was to give a nice comparison between the structured and refined moustache, and the natural colors of the world.

Once the logo was done and positioned, it worked beautifully on the page, what suddenly became obvious was that I had just done the easiest part.  Two more issues were in my way, one was that the site-design no longer was 100% consistent (which the client decided was ok for now), and secondly that the copy side was hard work to have good enough, as copy is very boring to look at without cluttering up the display.

Ultimately, after considering that the overall design of print and website had little connected to what I do, I took the object handles from PHP {curly brackets} and used those as wrappers around titles or logos.  This worked nicely, and just needs again to be made more consistent on the website.


In terms of confidence and enjoyment this was a huge success.  I learnt a new technology, I got hands on in design which I was a little rusty at, and ultimately I produced a logo that I am quite proud of.


There is a reason design and style guides are done first ;-)


Next my main objective is to get a proper style guide and branding document written up so next time I jump onto this project I have a base to work from, and don’t redo work I have previously been happy with.

Thu 25th Apr 2013