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Sport Relief 2008

To assist in the day to day maintenance of the Sport Relief 08 campaign during its life. Also, to be assess the accessibility issues on the site, raising them, and discussing the importance of each with other team members, and how some could be fixed quickly. This was my first time I worked with the Drupal content management system, and it was a steep learning curve, and at first on this project, I felt it took too long to do simple tasks. The accessibility analysis was a time consuming part of the project, and involved changing aspects of the site after it had first went live (as I was not yet employed on this date), this meant that some fixes were considered to large an undertaking, or too risky to the sites stability to undertake, but everything was discussed as much as possible.
Wed 16th Jan 2008 to Sun 16th Mar 2008
Developer: Mid-Weight, Develop: Front-end
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