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Wedding Stationary Designs

So, this year we got married, and behind in the design industry (of a fashion) I decided to take it upon myself to do the creative for the wedding.



Siobhan and I went through pinterest, our photos and diaries, and many other things to see what sort of things suit us best.  Ultimately, to the surprise of nobody, a country and homemade vibe came out of it all, with some tech and geek thrown in for good measure.  We decided to tone down the geek (to a degree) and focus on the country aspect for the visual side of things.



First thing to sort was the stationary, we did the ASAP cards first, and went through many different ideas before finally ending up on a postcard style with a picture of us in the country (note the location and pose, it's from Lord of the Rings if you haven't already got it).

Next was the actual invites, for which we stuck with the postcard vibe for the RSVP part, but used much more textured card.  The invitation part was a much larger affair, and wrapped around the RSVP so you opened it up.  I hand drew a map of the area. and added all the relevant details, painstakingly choosing illustrative elements and fonts.

Finally we had the order of service, which was done on the same textured card as the invites, but was not folded, and was larger.  We chose not to overfill with copy, and kept it as minimalist as possible.


Sweet table

For the sweet table we had an assortment of Kilner jars and metal tins with sweets.  Each were classic sweets, which we had branded with slightly geeky names, and put cards out for them onto the table (eg. Dumbledores Sherbert Lemons).



We had several blackboards around the venue, the main one was a large reversable sign which had the seating plan on one site, with royal parks as the names.  The other side had thankyou written in many different languages (50% of which were fictional).  We also wrote the names of the languages around the outside so people could try to match them up if they wanted.

One of the other blackboards sat on the welcome table as a welcome sign.  On that table were some more postcards we had done of old place we had been, this acted as a version of our guestbook which people could leave things in for us.

Sat 24th May 2014