Digital Development

Since finish my Digital Arts degreen in 2006, I have been builting websites in various technologies. Predominantly though my time has been spent in Drupal, with recent times getting more (and more) interested in the Python programming language (hence this site being built in Wagtail/Django).


Other than the usual Film/TV stuff you see, I do read a good deal of Graphic Novels and books, attend various conventions (such as Birminghams Comic Con, and the more local Oxford conventions when they occur). Not forgetting a love of geek inspired music such as soundtracks for films, aswell as 'inspired by' playlists.

Tabletop Gaming

More conventions of course (UK Games Expo being the main one, but also sometimes our more local Abingdon Guild of Adventurers charity events). I like tabletop games with various groups, its a way to catch up which doesn't require alcohol, and can make for strangeinteresting dialogue (especially when in the realms of RPG games such as D&D).

Gardening and DIY

I am getting older, so am spending more time in the garden tending vegetables, or with a saw in my hand making things. It is very therapeutic, and saves a few quid too (which is always handy).

Welcome to the website of Dan Duke. If you are here, you are probably lost, but there are some blog articles for you to look at if not.

Latest blog post

Basic theming of my Wagtail site

Wagtail April 6, 2020

I have decided to do this Wagtail blog article around theming, not because I have a lot to say, but because one of the key …
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Migrating my Drupal7 site into Wagtail

Wagtail March 30, 2020

So, after much time (mainly due to lack of free time), I have now migrated my Drupal 7 site into Wagtail.Now, I feel an important …
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Top tech list

The technologies I either know best, or particularly enjoy working in.

Agile Collective

Agile Collective

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