Pomme de terre et pétrole grillés

Feb. 12, 2012

If you are a descerning reader of the fantastic @pbt1983s Table Turner recipe site, then this probably isn't the read for you. There is a similarity in that these are recipes, but that is a tenuous term at best. These are possibly more experiments, as most of my food has to be quick, simple, and if possible, involve some tech.


This recipe I have called "Pomme de terre et pétrole grillés" (or Grilled Potato and Oil). The instructions are as so:


  1. Turn power setting of George Foreman to 'on' (any other setting such as 'off' will result in the potato not browning, and also risk of raw potato).
  2. Slice 1cm pieces of potato
  3. Brush potato with oil
  4. Sprinkle potato with a colorful herb (doesn't matter what, so long as it looks nice)
  5. Place on the George Foreman grill, and lower the lid, wait for about ten minutes
  6. Have a glance at them, if cooked, then consume


  • Possibly try some red powder for more color (and spice)
  • Keep sizes of slices as similar as possible, to create a more consistant cooking from top/bottom (may need to remove the end pieces)


Don't forget, treat your George Foreman with love and care by wiping it clean after usage