Social Venn (+ some moaning)

June 14, 2013

Taking a short break from code and project planning related things to consider my social media accounts. I have a few, yet I feel not quite so many I can't manage, but then when you try to decide what gets posted and where, I hit a stumbler. Most of my posts are things I find interesting, or work I have done, questions, or talking to other people, so there is a fair breadth there. This is where I decided a Venn diagram would help. Not only do they look more thought out than they usually are, but they have strict categorisation which my development mind appreciates.

Below is such a diagram, although at the moment I still have one problem, and that is the world of Google+. I use Buffer to post most things, it's a great tool, but it has the same issue as all other multi-posting tools, it wont post to google+, which is a pain.So, I then need to open up the google+ app and post my 'most important sci-fi link ever'seperately. But then, when you openit up, you just get presented with all your circles, to which you are supposed to choose between (I often go for the old post everywhere option to be honest, much simpler). This all seems like unnecessary complication, surely google+ has been around a while now, where are all these apps/APIs I want to make life easier, as opposed to the poor adoption which is probably cause by an extra layer of complexity. Most of the time, I choose to not bother with Google+ as it's such a pain, but then I remember that it is a very useful tool.

Hmm, there must be a solution out there somewhere. The new MySpace maybe?