Narrative Form

March 28, 2006
The brief here was to use the concept of narrative form to create a simple piece of interactive work. Mostly to show our knowledge of what we'd learnt.I used this opportunity to go back to my school enjoyment of war poetry. I find these poems extremely emotive and visual. But even more so, is the atmosphere, you can sometimes, smell and hear what is happening as it was being written.This project uses popular media and visual shows the emphasise of certain words using literary concepts to work these out. It was original meant to visually show the war poem visually compared with a modern day news article, and so, show how modern day reporting compares to classic poetry during the wars.Sadly since creating this project, the bbc has changed it's site, and this was the site I used to grab news headlines from (as it was a good comparison for the war poetry in what they are trying to get across to the reader). But, the poems are still archived in the drop down list if you look through it.