Retrobadger V2.0

Dec. 1, 2007
Okay, well the jist of it is, my site needed a little bit of an overhaul, it was looking dated, and I had learnt so much over the time since I made it, that I needed something new that I could use to show off more of my skills, and was less of a burden to update.First task, design, did a couple, looked at styling backgrounds, using more fancy video etc etc. But in essence, what would be the point. I needed a site that showed me. So, as you can see, I chose a wild theme, I am, after all a country lad. It then shows it's structure, being important questions, as I feel, when the time comes, I will ask these questions, and more, to get a greater understanding of a project. Then is the home page, my blog. Well, I have never done a blog before, but was constantly sending emails around the office to everyone, and that slowly caused bit***ng about filling up their inboxes, so I saw rss as the logical progression. It's a strange mix of stuff, at writing this it is mostly, film/tv/tech/environment/work so feel free to subscribe.Hmm, what else is there, oh yes, my knowledge needed to be portrayed, so I made the usual 'how' section, and put some stuff in there, which I will update soon. But I needed to show off javascript as I had shown design/css/php/mySQL skills in producing the site, now I needed to pretty it up with accessible javascript. So I started with a simple stylechanger, as you can see, it changes the seasons of the tree, and a few of the text colors as it does this.It uses google reader to merge multiple blogs, which then get read by feedburner, and presented on the page using one of its extras (sadly in a list, but this was the most efficient and reliable way of doing it). Hope you enjoy, any comments, please do let me know.