Send My Friend To School 2008

Feb. 24, 2008
To be the chosen point of contact for the send my friend to school team to contact when discussing site pages and content. To use this to make the site and CMS, and to delegate aspects of the site when necessary.This was a very big undertaking for me in general, for many reasons, but none of which took away from my enjoyment, in fact, most made me enjoy it more. The main issues were that the site was fairly large (about 2 months worth of work) and I had about 4/5 weeks to do it, another was that I was making this site from scrath using Drupal, which I wasn't yet properly educated in, so a lot of learning was involved. The last point was I was project managing this site, a situation I was very happy about, strangely it made me feel a lot more free than on some other sites.The Drupal side of this project meant a lot of reading, learning, and all assessing Drupals strengths and weaknesses, which now allow me to take at length, and make educated decisions as to whether it should be used in certain situations.Whilst I wasn't involved at the very beginning of the design stage of this site, I did get involved before it was fully signed off, which allowed me to make accessibility issues in certain areas, such as missing sitemap pages and color contrast issues with pieces of text.The site was pretty much finished on time, and I felt quite proud of the scale accomplished when looking back on the project.