Sport Relief 2010

June 23, 2009
During 2010, I applied for the role of Senior Developer within the digital team, and after an interview was deemed worthy, which was good. So, this happened part-way through the build of sr10, so whilst my role had increased, I needed to keep with my old role until other team members rose to the challenge (coincidentally this is often our sport relief tagline). The sportrelief was a drupal 6 site, with the usual over-complex content type we use for the various styles the site requires. As you may see by the design we used, there was a lot of discussion around design vs filesize as the textures and clouds caused concerns earliy on. These were easily solved by discussions with our senior designer, and after tweaking, we came up with solutions which made everyone happy. Whilst being an easier site to update in terms of CMS than previous sites, there is still a long way to go before we get to where we are. The reason I feel we didn't make it is due to things such as time available and the bespoke nature of the design on most pages. It was also time for our first real front-end attempt with AJAX, this was used on the tv-highlights section, with a view using arguments and returning JSON data for that show. This content was then displayed to the user upon request, rather than loading it all upfront and using css to hide everything except for the one required.