Sport Relief 2012

June 23, 2011

This campaign had a new requirement of me, I was now a fully fledged line manager (or at least becoming one) for 4 team members, this required not only planning the site, but also their personal development and skill management (which I had previously touched on as senior developer). This sites CMS level was improving again, we handed across whole sections such as news/video/tv-listing once they were built, meaning we didn't have to use developers to update the content on a day-to-day basis, allowing us to focus on improving other areas of the site.

As a team, we had also become a lot more confident in our use of views and dynamic scripting, allowing us to write a lot more custom modules to improve the interface for the user and administrator. This was my first project playing with new approaches to mobile. In this case we tried the mobile tools module to amend the url to if the user is on a mobile device. This gave the user the ability to choose to see desktop if they wanted, and it also gave us the ability to show desktop content in a mobile theme, or over-ride if required. This all worked well, although did require quite a bit of work with varnish due to the way it caches content based on url, and that it could handle the user redirects with user-agents.