Sport Relief 2014

June 1, 2013

And so here we are, my saddest campaign to date. It wasmy last full campaign working at Comic Relief, and it was a shame to have to move on, but other things sometimes take precedence.

This campaign required a lot of planning up front by a few of us, the Comic Relief site was being built in tandem, and so we want a base Drupal infrastructure which would work with this. Whilst this was not likely to be 100% adhered to, getting a design guideline for all our sites, and a technical infrasture guideline done helped a lot. Also, as with all years, we had to draw up a nice release plan and schedule to ensure no issues occured. We also moved hosting again, with a devops team coming in to build our own which could be managed and extended ourselves. This was a good move, and something we have wanted for some time, so the pain of moving again felt worthy.

This year, we had no real systems architect, instead this role was shared out, largely to our devops team, and the rest shared between myself and other senior level developers. This worked quite well, although it took a while for us all to find our feet.

I was again fairly hands off on this project, being more in a technical planning/architecture role, and managing my team on a personal and project level.

I also want to end this by saying how much fun I had at Comic Relief, and hope that I find a project or two in my freelance career which is anywhere near as much fun, with such friendly and passionate people.