Tante Marie

Aug. 18, 2013

This project is part of my long-serving work for Creativitea. The task was to build the backend Drupal site to handle registrations. The initial requirement was for eCommerce to be included, but after some back-and-forth with wireframes and UX, it was removed from scope at this stage to be added in later on. I am sure it is no surprise that the site was built in Drupal, and that there is a module for registrations just sitting there waiting to be used. There were several patches I had to make and submit back to the project to fix some bugs and add a little functionality. We also need to do the usual altering to get the site behaving with the designs.

On top of this, I introduced my contact at Tea to panels and features, which he has since fallen in love with. I am still strong in the opinion that panels can be a pain, but features, it is a godsend, so long as the servers can handle the extra processing required.

Once the site was built, I handed it over for the themer to have at it. There were a few minor tweaks to make afterwards, but overall, it went pretty smoothly once the wireframes/UX issues were ironed out.

Technologies used