Tea Architecture

July 16, 2014

As part of my work for tea, we ended up looking at the architecture of a few things.

Release process and GIT

The first of which was how their release process worked, and how we could improve this. Ultimately, this resulted in us getting GIT running on their servers, ready for all new sites to use, and move one of their live sites to use git on the standard workflow of:

Local -> Dev -> Staging -> Production

This was using tags and branches as they were meant to be used, and bringing things much more inline with the industry standard way of doing things.


The next step after having done this was to look into documentation, mediawiki was concidered, but ultimately it felt overkill when unfuddle comes with notebooks which can be used to the same extend. If anything, Unfuddles restrictions on depth will make it easier to manage and keep up to date, which is often a problem in agency wikis. Once this decision was made, several notebooks were setup to give details on how things would be released, some command hint sheets, and general documentation on a project to use as a template for future ones. Hopefully over time we can get this fleshed out, as will prove invaluable over time.

Technologies used